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Headquarters are in Padua (Italy), where SIT was established in 1953 by the de’ Stefani brothers, Pierluigi and Giancarlo. The company is present in over 30 countries with 1,400 employees.
Sales offices are located in 22 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia, while the ten production plants are located in Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Mexico, Argentina, and China. Today, the Group represents a prime example of an entrepreneurial venture which, over the years, has evolved into a multinational enterprise with a global reach. Constant investments in R&D and innovation have resulted in unique know-how, an increasingly broad range of products, and the conquering of new markets. The company holds 110 international patents.
The quality system has been certified ISO 9001 since 1988 and VISION 2000 since 2001.
POLIDORO POLIDORO S.p.A. is an expert in the design and manufacturing of gas burners. POLIDORO specialises in all aspects of gas combustion technology, being also active in the project and development of new and efficient gas burners applications for the residential and commercial markets.
Our effort to comply with the Company Mission, has led to the creation of the new Project & Product Development Department (DPSP), to which you can take all queries about the research and application of gas combustion to residential and commercial products.
The new department pools the technical resources of the company into a knowledge centre who has an exceptional area of expertise in gas burner design, project and engineering, built over a period of more than 60 years of operation.
As a result of our knowledge of gas applications, POLIDORO Combustion Research Centre can help you to link your business strategy to high quality innovation, technology and products.
IMIT Today IMIT is one of the leading companies in the design and production of systems for thermoregulation, creating solutions for the most varied industrial applications, but also turning its attention with the same passion to the equipment for domestic use for the improvement of comfort. It was the first firm of the sector, in Italy, to obtain certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 rules. It is in the climate control area that IMIT has obtained great results, considering not only the technical contents of our applications but also thinking of the final user in order to provide a product that is simple, flexible and secure, at a competitive price with guaranteed quality. From the foundation till today IMIT has contributed to the raising of the technological standards and the improvement of the comfort and quality of life.
NATALINI NATALINI supplies components for heating systems, domestic fume extraction and refrigeration, like fans for heating, fans for range hoods, fume exhaust kits and accessories.
The technical team dedicated to the development of these products collaborates with research institutes and offers a complete project development service, making their in-house laboratory facilities available for joint developments with customers.
Primary importance is given to Research and Development, since the technical aspect represents the heart of the products’ design in order to offer solutions able to meet any requirements.
NATALINI products comply with the UNI – EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality System.
Depending on the application, they are certified by specialist bodies in various countries such as T?V, GASTEC, UL, CSA and NEMKO.
Natalini is part of SITGroup.